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Payroll Taxes in Long Beach

For many business owners, payroll taxes can be a serious challenge. The process takes up time that could be better spent providing service to customers, developing new products, and generating sales. Optimizing your payroll taxes helps you maintain as much success in your business as possible.

As a business owner, processing payment for your employees is one of your essential responsibilities.  As with many other financial and back-office duties, however, payroll is a complex process that poses the chance for miscalculations and penalization for errors. Life On Thrive, Inc is a team of professionals who understand federal, state, and local tax laws. Rather than struggling to stay up-to-date on mandates that are constantly changing, leave it to us, so you and your staff are free to focus on the business aspects that require your full attention.

How We Handle Your Company Payroll

Allowing an experienced firm to handle payroll offers many advantages over dealing with it on your own. The greatest benefit to you is time saved. You don’t have to spend energy on payroll and making sure that your taxes are in order. At Life On Thrive, Inc, we are business taxation experts who proudly support small businesses with payroll tax services in Long Beach. We can help you with all payroll tax filings, including:

  • Federal tax deposits, which must be done on time and electronically filed.
  • Federal payroll returns, periodic returns that show how you computed your tax liabilities.
  • State payroll tax filings and payments, which have requirements and deadlines that vary by state.
  • Reports to contractors and employees that detail how much you paid them in taxable compensation and how much you withheld from wages.
  • Payroll tax records, which act as proof that you paid payroll taxes, and must be maintained for four years.

Avoiding Payroll Tax Penalties

If you’ve made a mistake on a payroll tax form, errors can be remedied with quick action from our Long Beach accounting form. We can submit adjustments to the IRS, using convenient e-file forms, for any overpayment or underpayment of routine payroll taxes.

Questions about Filing Payroll Taxes?

We go the extra mile to keep you compliant with regulations and deadlines that apply to payroll tax deductions and filing. Our firm offers comprehensive tax services to help you take care of any tax filing duty or problem. Contact Life On Thrive, Inc today to learn more about getting help for your payroll tax needs.

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