International Tax Services

International Tax Services in Long Beach

Working on a global scale comes with complex reporting requirements during tax season. At Life On Thrive, Inc, we help clients navigate the complex world of international taxes. Wherever your operations lie, we can help plan for, prepare, and file your organization’s returns. You can trust our Long Beach accounting firm to take a personal approach with all your international tax concerns, no matter where in the world your work takes you.

Tax Services for Citizens, Resident Aliens, and Non-Residents

Whether you are a US citizen living temporarily outside of the US or a resident alien, you owe tax payments to your country of citizenship and current habitation. This is even true for those who do not have accepted citizenship status. We help clients determine the correct amount of taxes owed and submit all relevant documentation on time, avoiding unnecessary taxation and determining all applicable credits.

Tax Filing for Foreign Companies

We help our clients file all forms related to offshore business interests, especially if they are part owner of an overseas corporation or partnership.   Even though your business is based in another country, there may be some reporting requirements. This is applicable for clients functioning as partners in a foreign business as well as shareholders in foreign corporations.

FATCA Compliance

Don’t get caught in the IRS’ crosshairs for having foreign assets that provide you with income and then fail to report them. We help you improve your standing with the IRS by disclosing pertinent tax information about offshore assets and accounts through specific programs. We can also work with clients to file form 8938, also known as the FATCA Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets. Get ahead of tax problems or start now to resolve potentially risky tax choices.

Contact Us for Tax Preparations

Those living abroad, foreign individuals with assets in the US, expatriates, and non-residents have complex tax needs that require the assistance of a skilled professional. Life On Thrive, Inc prepares all returns with foreign income, including those that have tax treaties with the United States. We carefully assess your tax situation to make sure all obligations are understood and fulfilled. We keep you compliant with the regulations of every country that hosts your operations.

 Get your taxes in order and avoid fines or worse – contact our Long Beach firm today!

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